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One cannot understand the modern world without a thorough knowledge of the history of the Nazi German concentration camp, Auschwitz. Students and academic youth can take advantage of educational programs prepared by ICEAH.

Educational work shapes the individual and collective memory of Auschwitz. ICEAH organizes postgraduate studies, seminars, conferences, and also prepares publications supporting educators in the proper preparation of young people for a visit to the Memorial.

Education in the authentic space of the former camp gives the opportunity to reflect and debate on many universal topics, significant in the process of civic education. Therefore, the activity of ICEAH is also addressed to various professional and social groups.




"A piece of the world surrounded by barbed wire..." The fate of Polish citizens in KL Auschwitz - a new temporary exhibition

The words of Auschwitz Survivor Tadeusz Borowski, "A piece of the world surrounded by barbed wire......" is the motto of the new temporary exhibition presented in Block 21 at the former Auschwitz I site. It is devoted to the fate of Polish citizens deported to the German Nazi concentration and extermination camp Auschwitz.

The fate of the Sinti and Roma in KL Auschwitz - free study visits for young people

To commemorate the 81st anniversary of the establishment of the "Zigeunerlager" family camp at Auschwitz II-Birkenau, the International Center for Education about Auschwitz and the Holocaust has organised a series of free study visits dedicated to the history of Roma and Sinti in the German Nazi camp.

"The film would not have been possible without the Museum's cooperation.” Polish premiere of “The Zone of Interest".

On 15 February, the Polish premiere of the film 'Zone of Interest,' directed and written by Jonathan Glazer, was held at the Auschwitz Museum. The film, depicting the family life of Auschwitz camp commandant Rudolf Höss, was awarded the Grand Prix at the Cannes Film Festival last year. It also received five Oscar nominations.

Online educational session "The Image of Auschwitz in Mass Culture" – 29 February 2024

The International Center for Education about Auschwitz and the Holocaust invites to an online educational session "The Image of Auschwitz in Mass Culture - creators' fantasy versus historical accuracy," which will take place on 29 February on the Zoom platform. It will be simultaneously translated into English.

"Auschwitz – Memories of Europe – European Memory". New educational project for school groups from Europe.

"Auschwitz – Memories of Europe – European Memory" is a new educational project of the International Center for Education about Auschwitz and the Holocaust aimed at foreign groups of schoolchildren in cooperation with the International Youth Meeting Centre.
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