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Upper-secondary school students, as part of a visit to the former Nazi German concentration and extermination camp Auschwitz may participate in a tour program specially prepared by the ICEAH. For proper preparation prior to a visit to the memorial site we also recommend using the online lessons titled "Auschwitz - Memorial Site". Upper-secondary school students can broaden their knowledge by using other online lessons prepared by ICEAH.

Complementing the tour of the Auschwitz Memorial with a guide-educator may include participation in a variety of educational activities, such as workshops, multimedia presentations or video lectures, held as part of one-or two-day study visit. Classes are held in several language variants, among others. Polish, English, German or French.  

Upper-secondary school students can support the Museum and Auschwitz Memorial by becoming involved in Voluntary activities, thus significantly contributing to the preservation of the memory of Auschwitz, thereby acquiring valuable experience in the realization of various educational, restoration or publications projects. 

Memoria Magazine no. 78

'Memoria' is an online magazine dedicated to the history of Auschwitz, the Holocaust as well as memory and education around the world.

Prof. Marc van Berkel appointed Honorary Consul of the Auschwitz Memorial in the Netherlands

Prof. Dr. Marc van Berkel has been appointed Honorary Consul of the Auschwitz Memorial in the Netherlands. He will support the actions undertaken by the Diplomacy of Remembrance of the Auschwitz Museum in this country.

Call for participants of the German-Polish seminar “How to Deal with Difficult Past?”

International Centre for Education about Auschwitz and the Holocaust at the Auschwitz Museum introduces the call for participants for the German-Polish seminar "How to Deal with a Difficult Past? – Educational Perspectives on National Socialism, Shoah and the Second World War." The project is organized in cooperation with the Buchenwald and Sachsenhausen Museums and Memorials.

Camp chess pieces found in one of the historic buildings

The unique and unusual chess pieces were discovered during adaptation work at Block 8 in the former Auschwitz I camp for the New Main Exhibition.

'Auschwitz. Not Long Ago. Not Far Away' exhibition in Boston

The exhibition 'Auschwitz. Not Long Ago. Not Far Away' created by the Museum and the Spanish company Musealia was opened in Boston on 14 March. It will be on display there until 2 September.
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