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The International Centre for education about Auschwitz and the Holocaust has prepared a series of proposals for higher education students. As part of the visit to the Auschwitz Memorial Site, they can take advantage of a variety of educational forms, such as study visits and extended thematic seminars, including educational activities: lectures, workshops, multimedia presentations or video lectures conducted by experts from specific fields. The subject of the seminar can be tailored to the interests of students and profile of the University (among others, seminars about the architecture of crime, medicine in KL Auschwitz and camp art).

In preparation for a visit to the memorial site and Auschwitz Museum, students can take advantage of online lessons prepared by ICEAH on specific issues from the history of Auschwitz. Numerous publications and print items of the Museum may be helpful in this respect.

The Museum library also features a multilingual collection of books, about 30 thousand volumes and more than 2.5 thousand magazines devoted to the history of World War II. Students are also assisted by employees of the Archive, Research Centre, Educational Projects and Collections in writing scientific and research papers.

The Auschwitz Museum is also a place where you can perform volunteer work and internship. This form of cooperation with the Museum enjoys great popularity, especially among students who acquire experience in the preparation and implementation of projects in areas of interest to them, among others restoration, education or publishing. One can also be a volunteer “remotely", cooperating with the Museum via online contact.

Files to download

Sample academic programs
Seminar about architecture of the Holocaust
Seminar about art in the camp
Seminar about medical crimes

Memoria Magazine no. 74

'Memoria' is an online magazine dedicated to the history of Auschwitz, the Holocaust as well as memory and education around the world.

"To warn against indifference". Project "Auschwitz - History - Civic Education” in prisons.

The project "Auschwitz - History - Civic Education" poses several questions to its participants, including the significance of raising awareness about the disregard for human dignity, the potential consequences of contemptuous and hateful language, and the lessons to be learned from the tragic history of Auschwitz for today's witnesses of evil. The subsequent edition in 2022/23 attracted the participation of over 100 inmates and more than 700 officers from the Polish Police, Prison Service, and Fire Service.

Online education session "Evacuation of KL Auschwitz" - 30 November 2023

International Center for Education about Auschwitz and the Holocaust invites you to participate in the online educational session "Evacuation of KL Auschwitz," which will take place on 30 November on the Zoom platform. It will be simultaneously translated into English.

Session of the Board of the International Centre for Education about Auschwitz and the Holocaust

The App “Auschwitz - in front of your eyes”, which allows people worldwide to take guided tours of the former camp online, was the central topic of discussion at the Council of the International Centre for Education about Auschwitz and the Holocaust session held on 7 November in Oswiecim. Tomasz Kranz, PhD, chaired the session.

New seminar for French teachers and educators in partnership with Maison d'Izieu

Teachers and educators from France participated in a new seminar of the International Center for Education about Auschwitz and the Holocaust, marking the beginning of a long-term cooperation between the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Maison d’Izieu in France.
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