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Bunker No. 1 Will Be Commemorated. This first provisional gas chamber in Birkenau

Work is under way to prepare for the commemoration of the site where, in 1942, the so-called "Little Red House" was located. This first provisional gas chamber was set up in a vacant farmhouse in the village of Brzezinka, from which the residents had been expelled. The Nazis killed thousands of people at this site. In 1943, after four new gas chambers with crematoria had gone into operation, the Germans tore down the "Little Red House."

Guilty of Holocaust Denial. Negligible public harm?

On Tuesday, Dariusz Ratajczak was again found guilty in court of Holocaust Denial. However, in view of the negligible public harm involved, he was placed on probation for a year.

Evidence of Mass Graves in Sobibor. The archeologists discover large mass graves

The archeologists who worked at the site of the camp presented the results of their work at the headquarters of the Council for the Preservation of Monuments of Combat and Martyrdom. They discovered large mass graves at the site of the Sobibor Nazi death camp. Nearby, they also encountered the remains of a structure that may have been a gas chamber.

The Chairman of the International Auschwitz Committee Has Died

Kurt Hacker, chairman of the International Auschwitz Committee, has died at 81. As a young Wehrmacht soldier, he joined the resistance movement against the Nazis, and was sentenced as a result to sixteen years in prison. He spent two and a half years in Auschwitz Concentration Camp. He was later director of the Mauthausen memorial and held the chairmanship of the International Auschwitz Committee for four years.

Two Plaques. In memory of the residents of the Land of Oświęcim - Jews and Poles

Two plaques commemorating the residents of the Land of Oświęcim have been unveiled on the Market Square in the City of Oświęcim. The first is dedicated to the Jewish citizens of Oświęcim - men, women, and children - who were murdered by the Nazis. The second commemorates the Poles who risked their lives to aid the prisoners of Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camp.

Not an Auschwitz supermarket but...

The Maja corporation's parking and service facility, which will provide new jobs for more than 100 people, has opened near the site of Auschwitz Concentration Camp.