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"The first transport to Auschwitz. Post Scriptum". A documentary about the first transport of Poles to Auschwitz.

"The first transport to Auschwitz. Post Scriptum" is the title of a documentary film co-produced by the Auschwitz Museum and TVP Krakow to mark the 80th anniversary of the deportation of the first Poles to the German Nazi Auschwitz concentration camp on 14 June 1940. It will be aired on TVP3 Krakow on 14 June at 5.40 pm.

Online exhibition of camp letters of Tadeusz Korczowski – a prisoner of the first transport of Poles to Auschwitz

‘I have been in the concentration camp Auschwitz since 14 June…’ it the title of an online exhibition made available by the Auschwitz Memorial on Google Arts & Culture. It presents a collection of 21 letters sent by a former prisoner Tadeusz Korczowski from Auschwitz that was donated to the Memorial by his family.

We know increasingly more about the prisoners of the first transport of Poles to Auschwitz on 14 June 1940

Before the 80th anniversary of the deportation of the first transport of Poles to the German Auschwitz camp, the Auschwitz Memorial Archive published an updated list of prisoners transported from Tarnów on 14 June 1940. According to the latest findings, out of the 728 prisoners deported, 325 survived the war, 292 perished, while the fate of 111 is unknown to date.

Appeal for financial support for the Auschwitz Memorial

The period of the pandemic is exceptionally difficult for the Auschwitz Memorial that has been closed to visitors since March 12 and hence deprived of its primary source of financing. Therefore, we wish to ask everyone for whom the preservation of Memory is important for financial support to allow us to continue with numerous educational, research, exhibition, and publishing projects.

Safety during the pandemic – innovative sanitation gate for visitors installed at the Auschwitz Museum

Ensuring the safety of Memorial visitors and staff constitutes one of the most important tasks in the reality of COVID-19 pandemic. After the reopening of the Museum for visitors, one of the elements aiming at minimizing the risk of spreading of SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus as well as other viruses and bacteria which can be brought inside for example on clothes is constituted by a special sanitation gate which was installed in front of the entrance to the Museum.

Conservators constantly discover new traces of the history of Auschwitz

Thanks to conservation works conducted within the Memorial, the objects – traces of people and their tragic stories in German Nazi Auschwitz concentration and extermination camp – are constantly discovered.