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Commemoration signs

The grounds of the crematorium, the existing buildings, and the other camp objects are original. At both the Auschwitz and the Birkenau sites, signs commemorating or explaining the most important places, objects, and events have been installed. They include:

  • Stones with the commemorative inscription "In memory of the victims of Nazi genocide--men, women, and children. Their ashes are here. May they rest in peace." These stones were placed next to places where mass killing was carried out, and where the ashes of the victims lie.
  • Overall maps of the camp layout.
  • Information on the most significant objects and notable events.
  • Maps of camp sectors placed at the entrances to those parts of the Auschwitz II camp that they describe.
  • Beside the maps - where possible, in places where no barracks remain standing - are photographs showing how the sector looked when the camp was in operation.
  • Documentary maps and photographs next to objects outside the camp sectors.
  • Documentary photographs of people deported to Birkenau, placed where the originals were taken.
  • Stones with the numbers of barracks where the buildings are gone and only vestiges of them remain.

Historical and commemorative description of the grounds of the former Auschwitz I and Auschwitz II-Birkenau concentration camps: authors of the scenario —  Teresa Świebocka, Teresa Zbrzeska; authors of the graphic design — prof. Barbara Borkowska, graphic designer Jacek Maria Stokłosa.