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Germar Rudolf

A certified German chemist, Germar Rudolf, holder of a doctorate from the respected Max Planck Institute (which totally disavowed Rudolf’s efforts in the field), carried out similar “research” in 1991-1992. Rudolf was sentenced to 14 months imprisonment in Germany in 1994. He escaped to England, and from there to the USA, which in turn deported him in 2005 to Germany, where he was convicted once again of denying the existence of the gas chambers and sentenced to a year and a half behind bars.

 A third “Report” appeared in the USA at the turn of 1992/1993. Its author was Walter Lüftl, holder of an engineering degree and chairman of the Austrian chamber of engineering (Bundesingenieurkammer). This highly placed bureaucrat, who had appeared as an expert witness in court cases, conducted experiments on the relationship between human body temperature, the temperature inside the gas chambers,, and the rate of evaporation of Zyklon B. Lüftl concluded that the mass killing of people with Zyklon B was impossible because it would be a violation of the “laws of nature, and, besides, the requisite technical and organizational conditions were absent.” The crematoria were supposedly incapable of burning large quantities of corpses, since the human body “in not flammable.” A court acquitted Lüftl on the grounds that he was unlikely to re-offend.

Because Holocaust denial is punishable by law in Germany and other European countries, the largest centers of neo-Nazi propaganda shifted to the United States and Canada. Since these countries have failed to enact legal safeguards against this sort of propaganda, deniers enjoy full freedom in expressing their “personal opinions.’