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Czech Lands

The exhibition Prisoners from the Czech Lands in Auschwitz Concentration Camp

The exhibition Prisoners from the Czech Lands in Auschwitz...
The exhibition...

Opened in 2002, it presents the mechanism of deportation from the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia to Auschwitz, against the background of the situation in the country under occupation by the Third Reich.

Art works and a map showing the principal killing centers and concentration camps where people from the Protectorate were imprisoned and died serve as the introduction.

The historical documentation begins with a concise recapitulation of facts connected with the breaking up of Czechoslovakia and the Nazi policies in the country.

The most important centers of repression are shown and described. Also shown are Czech resistance to the German occupation and the system of repression, which included deportation to camps, including Auschwitz. There is information about the largest transports and the largest groups of political prisoners deported to Auschwitz from the Protectorate.

Another subject presented at length is the fate of Jews, the largest group of deportees from the Czech lands to Auschwitz, and the role of the ghetto in Terezin. The story of the "family camp" presented in Auschwitz for Jews from the ghetto in Terezin, and the tragic fate of the people imprisoned there, are related.

Stories of children and individual biographies of deportees are an important part of the exhibition. The exhibition also recounts the persecution and extermination of the Roma who lived in the Czech lands, the majority of whom died in Auschwitz.