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Conservation and Structural Work on Buildings at the Auschwitz I

Conservation and Structural Work on Buildings at the Auschwitz I Site—Blocks with Inventory Numbers

This is one of the priority conservation projects at the Memorial. Two unusually valuable brick prisoner blocks, which have not been altered significantly since the time when the camp was in operation, have been chosen from among the many objects at the Auschwitz I site. The plan includes the comprehensive conservation of all the extant original components and furnishings in the buildings. In the future, these blocks will contain the new main Museum exhibition.

At a moment when the last former prisoners are passing away, preserving the authenticity of the Auschwitz site has become the highest priority. For the world today, this original space is not only unique, material evidence of Nazi German crimes, but also a symbol of the brutality of war, terror, the Shoah, and genocidal, racist policies. The entire area is included on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

This project is financed with funding from the Infrastructure and Environment Operating Program for 2007-2013 financed by the European Fund for Regional Development, budgetary appropriations from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, and the resources of the Museum.

More information about the project:
* Monika Warzecha, +48 (33) 844 81 37
* Małgorzata Cembala, +48 (33) 844 81 37