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New online bookstore of the Museum


The new online bookstore of the Museum is now available at In addition to printed publications in many languages, ebooks are also available on the website.

"The website has been prepared so that anyone interested in the history of the German Nazi camp Auschwitz could easily and quickly find all the necessary information, whether it's about new publications or books that are most popular among readers," said Jadwiga Pinderska-Lech, the head of the Museum Publishing House.

A novelty in the bookstore is the possibility to buy ebooks. Among them are the most popular ones, such as the memoirs of the Survivors, as well as historical research and educational books.

"The Memorial Site cannot be silent, as it would then be a victory for the Third Reich. The fullest voice is that of the victims. Today, our numerous publications, in many languages, are also offered in ebook form. I believe that in this way, we will reach all people for whom memory, even the most difficult memory, is the most lasting foundation of the post-war world," emphasized Dr. Piotr M. A. Cywiński, the director of the Auschwitz Museum.

The publications are divided into nine categories available from the main menu. These include Survivor testimonies, historical studies, albums, the educational series Voices of Memory, and Auschwitz Studies, which publish new historical research.

"Our priority is to reach people interested in the history of the Auschwitz camp worldwide. Therefore, the main interface functions - as before - in Polish and English, but the titles and descriptions of individual books are translated into several languages. Thanks to this, people from around the world can familiarize themselves with many types of our publications. In addition to printed books and ebooks, the bookstore also offers sets of photographs of the former camp site," said Jadwiga Pinderska-Lech.

The bookstore also includes the "Related" section, which appears at the bottom of chosen positions and suggests thematically related publications that may also interest readers.

"The new online bookstore is very user-friendly. The purchasing process is intuitive; it is very easy to choose convenient payment and delivery methods, as well as to track the order status. We hope that it will enable an even faster finding of valuable publications related to the history of Auschwitz," added Jadwiga Pinderska-Lech.

Promoting knowledge about the German Nazi concentration and extermination camp Auschwitz is one of the most important foundations for understanding issues related to the condition of contemporary humanity. The analysis of the processes that led to one of the greatest tragedies of the 20th century would not be possible without reliable historical studies and the moving voices of witnesses to those events.

For over 60 years of its existence, the Museum Publishing House has published over 400 titles. These are mainly the memoirs of survivors but also scientific and educational studies as well as sociological and philosophical publications. Most of them are translated into many languages, and the most interesting ones are available in over 20 languages. Publications can be purchased both in the online bookstore and at the Museum.