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"Memoria" - a new monthly online magazine dedicated to Memory


The memory of the Shoah, concentration camps, extermination centers and other areas of the human tragedy of World War II is being created around the world in many places and by several people. The new monthly magazine "Memoria", of which first edition has just been published, is meant to be a place, where we will write and talk about our collective efforts and mission to preserve memory.


‘We understand memory in a broader concept. We build it through scientific research, educational seminars or stories about particular individuals and objects belonging to them. We create memory through exhibitions, workshops, online lessons, or expert debates. We preserve memory by conducting tours on the premises of historic sites, as well as conducting classes in lecture halls all over the world. And finally, memory is preserved in a tangible manner by conservators, who strive to preserve the physical tracks of history for the future,’ said Paweł Sawicki, editor-in-chief of the magazine.

We want to write about all these in the monthly magazine “Memoria”. We want to inform you about the most important events, present important projects or new exhibitions; we want to invite you to conferences and seminars, and also summarise them. "Memoria" will contain results of historical research, interesting examples of good practices from the world of memorial sites, as well as articles on problematic issues, which - as we hope - will become the nucleus of our common discussion and reflection.

‘Memory, understood as a great warning, may become a source of peace for the present and future generations. When we look around Europe and the world, we can see that quite a lot is being done for our memory. Thus, it seems to me that regular presentation of everything that is new, interesting, inspiring and promising in this difficult area of sustaining Memory, may first and foremost—in a natural way facilitate the flow of information between institutions and organisations, and secondly reinforce consistency and actions undertaken in various countries and societies,’ said the director of the Auschwitz Museum, Dr. Piotr M. A. Cywiński.

“Memoria” will be published once a month—in parallel in English and Polish. Exclusively in electronic form. On the one hand, it will enable immediate access to the content of writings in every part of the world, and on the other hand, it will allow the use of multimedia and interactive content.

We also invite and encourage you to cooperate with us. If you or your institution are planning any events or activities that you wish to share with the world, please inform us. Our email is .