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“Medical Review – Auschwitz” available online.


31 volumes of “Medical Review - Auschwitz” has been made available online by the Cracow Medical Society at It comprises all original volumes of writings, selected articles in English, and the 1962 volume in three language versions (German, French and Russian) The State Museum Auschwitz-Birkenau is a partner of the Project.


“Medical Review - Auschwitz” is an academic journal dedicated to the medical, psychological and social effects of persecution in the German Nazi concentration camps. The periodical was published by the Cracow Medical Society in the years 1961-1991. It is considered a phenomenon on a global scale. The documentation numbering approx. 10 thousand pages (over 1000 articles) was based on specialised studies of several thousand former prisoners who survived the concentration camps. The collective work of 477 authors is a significant source of knowledge about the pathology of war and functioning of the camps.

The principal originators of the journal were two physicians and former prisoners of concentration camps - Antoni Kępiński (1918–1972, prisoner of the camp in Miranda de Ebro in Spain) and Stanisław Kłodziński (1918–1990, prisoner of Auschwitz-Birkenau). The project has developed over the years, and its coverage has gone far beyond issues related to the Auschwitz camp (which was the original intention of the creators), becoming a publication on all the German Nazi concentration camps. The editorial team of the magazine included Prof. Józef Bogusz, Ed. Jan Masłowski and Prof. Zdzisław Ryn, among others. 

“Medical Review - Auschwitz” (as a whole - 31 volumes) was nominated for the Noble Peace Price in 1993 and 1994.

The public task is co-financed by the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs as part of the Public Diplomacy 2017 contest - “Cooperation in Public Diplomacy 2017” component.