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Internet monitoring helps find errors, such as "Polish death camps"


PKO Bank Polski is now a partner of the project 'Remember', which aims to prevent the use of the term 'Polish concentration camps' or 'Polish extermination camps'. Thanks to its financial support, it will be possible to continue monitoring the Internet for false phrases that appear online.


'A part of our mission is education. Those who visit the authentic Memorial Site are perfectly aware that Auschwitz was created by the German state in Nazi-occupied Poland, which was forcibly incorporated to the Third Reich. Education is also possible in the virtual world. Therefore, we continuously develop our virtual activity - be it through the creation of new online lessons, or activities on social networking sites,' said the Museum director, Dr Piotr M. A. Cywiński.

'Thanks to Internet monitoring, we are able to react quickly and efficiently to the appearance of false and very painful concepts that are painful to us, such as 'Polish concentration camps' or 'Polish extermination camps' in 16 languages. The tool does not only search media websites, but also entries appearing on blogs or social networking sites. Upon noticing such cases, we can actively counteract them through multifaceted actions,' stressed director Cywiński.

The application 'Remember' launched at the begnning of 2016. It searches texts for the expressions 'Polish death camp' or 'Polish concentration camp', highlights them as errors and then recommends a proper historic term. It works as a proofreader of the text, as it detects only the incorrect phrase. It is adapted to search for errors in 16 languages that most of the educators use for tours at the Auschwitz Memorial. 

'Remember' can be downloaded from The project was developed in cooperation with the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum and FCB Warsaw, with the support of Mint Media and Macoscope. Internet monitoring provided by BrandSpy is possible thanks to the support of PKO Bank Polski.