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Auschwitz Memorial closed at least until the end of June


Museums and cultural institutions in Poland are to reopen starting from May 4th. According to the communication by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, “decision on when, on what conditions and how quickly the institutions are going to reopen, as well as how the procedures connected with ensuring appropriate level of protection for the staff as well as visitors are going to look like, shall be each time made by the director of a given institution in consultation with local sanitary inspector”.


Auschwitz Memorial
Auschwitz Memorial

The earliest possible date for the reopening of the Auschwitz Museum is the beginning of July.

“Our budget depends to a great extent on attendance. Only 19% of the initial budget and 21.9% of fixed costs come from a specified-entity subsidy for the year 2020. The Museum remains in regular contact with the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage to provide a comprehensive solution for the problem. However, in current circumstances, when schools remain closed, and students made up a significant proportion of visitors in May and June and with minimal possibility of traveling between countries, while 80% of visitors used to come from outside Poland, we would not be able to conduct our activity. The exact date of reopening depends on how the situation is going to develop and on when any touristic traffic will be made possible”, emphasized Dr. Piotr M. A. Cywiński, the Museum director.

Works are currently in progress in connection with ensuring a new and safe mode for visiting the Memorial Site, taking into account the requirements of the epidemic conditions.

“We are preparing among others: additional protective procedures at the entrances as well as solutions, making it possible to maintain the longest possible distance between visitors,” director Cywiński added.

Further information concerning the date of reopening of the Museum, launching the booking system as well as any other updates on additional protective measures in the era of the epidemic are expected to be made available in the first half of June.

The Museum remains closed until further notice. For this reason, replies to correspondence, as well as providing information by phone, can be delayed.