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International conference "Archiving digital data of victims of Nazism"

More than 50 experts from 28 institutions and 15 countries involved in databases of World War II victims, met on 10-12 October to discuss the possibilities of cooperation in creating digital tools to intensify research and scientific analyses on victims of genocide during the II World War.

Unique exhibition "David Olère. The One Who Survived Crematorium III"

“David Olère. The One Who Survived Crematorium III”- is the title of a unique monographic exhibition of the works of a former Sonderkommando prisoner in the German Nazi concentration and extermination camp, which is presented in the rooms on the first floor of Block 21 at the former Auschwitz I camp until March next year.

The Baton of Franciszek Nierychło, the first conductor of the Auschwitz camp orchestra now in the Collections of the Memorial

The Collections of the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum have been enriched with a unique object - the baton of Franciszek Nierychło, the conductor of the first prisoner orchestra established in the autumn of 1940 at the German Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz.

Educational challenges in authentic memorial sites

The results of the three-year project “The Future of Auschwitz and the Holocaust Education in Authentic Memorial Sites” implemented by the Auschwitz Museum and the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam were summarised during an international conference held at the Book Gallery in Oświęcim from 10-12 October.

Exhibition of documents from the Eiss Archive in Bern

The exhibition presenting the Eiss Archive was opened at the residence of the ambassador of the Republic of Poland in Bern. The unique collection of documents was acquired in August from the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum thanks to the considerable involvement of the Polish diplomacy and support of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

Conference "The Future of Auschwitz and the Holocaust Education in Authentic Memorial Sites" - call for participants

The International Center for Education about Auschwitz and the Holocaust (ICEAH), at the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum, will hold a conference entitled The Future of Auschwitz and the Holocaust Education in Authentic Memorial Sites, at the Auschwitz Memorial on October 10-12, 2018.