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4th International Conference: Medical Review - Auschwitz: Medicine Behind the Barbed Wire". 19-21 September 2022.


The violations of medical ethics during the Second World War, with special focus on the behavior of physicians and other medical professionals in Nazi medical institutions and concentration camps, will be the  topic of the 4th international conference "Medical Review – Auschwitz: Medicine Behind the Barbed Wire". It will take place in Cracow on 19-21 September 2022.


'This year we will meet again at the on-the-site event in Kraków. This is the place where the original journal Przegląd Lekarski – Oświęcim (Medical Review – Auschwitz) was conceived and had its first issue published in 1961, marking the start of pioneering research and academic discussion on the medical, social, and bioethical consequences and lessons of the Holocaust, concentration camp history, Nazi German occupation, and the Second World War in general,' wrote the members of the Organizing Committee.

Presentations delivered during the conference will concern such topics, as: "The Jewish medical institutions and their activities in Krakow during the Holocaust", "The role of psychiatry during the Holocaust: Perpetrators and redemption", "The Holocaust as a lens for the future of medical ethics’, "What can be learned from the Holocaust survivors’ adaptation to hunger and the long term effects of anorexia/bulimia on the cardiovascular system" or "The effectiveness of Carl Clauberg’s forced sterilizations. New findings from little-noticed original documents on the human experiments in Block 10 at Auschwitz".

The program, registration information and other details about the conference are available here:

2022 marks the fifth anniversary of launching the Medical Review Auschwitz project, which includes the conference as well as revisiting the articles from Przegląd Lekarski – Oświęcim through its translation into English, making its invaluable scientific content available to the global audience in an open-access format (see

The conference is organised by the Polish Institute for Evidence-Based Medicine, the Kraków Medical Society, and the medical publisher Medycyna Praktyczna, in collaboration with the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum, Department of Bioethics and the Holocaust, the International Chair in Bioethics, the Maimonides Institute for Medicine, Ethics and the Holocaust, the Harvard Medical School Center for Bioethics, the University of Colorado Center for Bioethics and Humanities, the Jagiellonian University, the St. Maximilian Center in Harmęże, and the Polish Association for Spiritual Care in Medicine, under auspices of the American College of Physicians.