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Publication Department of the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum was established in 1957 as an integral part of the Auschwitz Museum. We publish scientific papers, memoirs and educational materials written by former prisoners and Museum staff as well as researchers from other scientific centres. Many of our books are also translated into foreign languages and some publications are available in the electronic version.

Publishing offer of the Museum currently includes about 400 items in several language versions, among others historical sources, scientific papers, memoirs of former prisoner, albums, posters and films referring to the subject of the camp as well as Museum guides and materials connected with its activity.

Our publications are available in bookstores within the premises of the Auschwitz Memorial as well as in our online bookstore at

If you are interested in having your text published by our publishing house, please contact us by e-mail at:

We would like to emphasize that we publish exclusively the works connected with the history of the Auschwitz camp. We do not publish literary fiction, even if the author claims that it is based on real events taken from the memoirs of Survivors.

The staff of the Publication Department of the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum consists of experienced editors. In order to ensure highest scientific standards, each publication is carefully verified by the team of our historians. We also pay great attention to visual aspects of the books published by us and cooperate with experienced graphic designers and printing houses ensuring the highest quality of the published works.

Department staff is responsible not only for editing, proofreading and preparing the publication for print, but also for managing the online bookstore, the warehouse of books intended for sale, for the distribution of books, contacts with publishers as well as the sending of legal deposits.



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1. Each scientific paper submitted to us is assessed by our editor in chief with regard to its subject-related value, innovative approach towards the subject and logically correct argumentation. The editor in chief has the right not to accept the text if it does not meet the agreed assumptions.

2. After preliminary approval, the text is transferred by the editor in chief to the members of the editorial board who are asked to read it and express their opinion.

3. When both the editor in chief as well as editorial board express their positive opinion as well as after preliminary verification by the editor, the text is transferred to a reviewer, who is the person holding the title of habilitated doctor or professor.  In the case of the reviewer expressing their negative opinion, the Publishing House has the right to refuse to publish the submitted text.

4. The Publication Department signs the contract with the author of the paper which has been positively evaluated as well as agrees upon the method and date of its publication.


The Publishing House of the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum follows the principles of publication ethics aimed at preventing unfair publication practices, in particular according to the guidelines by the Committee on Publication Ethics COPE,

Respect for the principles of publication ethics consists in following the guidelines by the publishing house as well as by the authors, reviewers and translators.

Publisher’s obligations include: supervising the appropriate course of the publishing process, including: prevention of practices non-compliant with the adopted standards, objective assessment of texts basing on the opinions presented in scientific reviews, keeping publishing details secret (not revealing the information on the submitted publications to third parties) as well as prevention of the conflicts of interests of the authors, editors and reviewers.

Author’s obligations include: submitting the text which constitutes a reliable study of a given topic, supported (if necessary) by research results, including footnotes and bibliography; obtaining the consent for the publication of other components of their paper subject to copyright (e.g. illustrations, photos, archive materials); cooperation with the publishing house during all stages of preparation of the book for print, including during the subject-related, language and technical review.

Reviewer’s obligations include: objective assessment of the text supported by appropriate argumentation; notifying the publishing house of any suspected unreliability in the field of science or plagiarism and self-plagiarism; respecting the confidentiality and not providing any third parties with the information concerning the author or the publishing house or the review process itself; performing the assigned task on time.

Translator’s obligations include: performing reliable and professional translation of the text taking into consideration specific character of vocabulary referring to WW2; cooperation with the publishing house within the stage of proofreading; making sure that the translation does not violate third party rights to texts and materials included in the paper; performing the assigned task on time.


If the text complies with its topic and fulfils all publishing requirements, and thus it has been approved by the editorial board, it is submitted for review. The reviewer attaches particular attention to the correctness of subject-related elements of the text and to its originality as well as to the contribution of the content of the paper to the knowledge already established in the field. The review – prepared in writing – is supposed to clearly express the opinion whether the paper should be accepted for print or not. In the case of expressing a negative opinion, the author has the possibility to refer to remarks included in the review, perform corrections and submit the paper for qualification for print again. The publishing house reserves the right to check the submitted texts with the use of anti-plagiarism tools and if illegal practices are detected, to notify appropriate bodies, i.e. scientific institutions and law enforcement agencies, about this fact. The editor’s office also reserves the right to shorten and modify the titles, of course in contact with the author.


Detailed list of editor’s guidelines on how to prepare the text is sent by the Publishing House upon request.


If you represent a library, school or public institution and would like to order books from us, please contact us by e-mail at:

Please specify the titles of publications that you would like to order together with invoicing address (in some cases recipient’s and payer’s address, usually for schools). Payment deadline for our invoices is 14 days.

We would like to inform you that libraries, schools and institutions are entitled to 15% discount for the ordered publications. Shipping costs are added to the price of books.