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Safety conditions

Collections storages are located in the blocks of former Auschwitz I camp. Nearly 100 thousand items belonging to camp victims are stored on the available storage space. The items require individual approach and planning and often also innovative protection solutions. Since 2008, the concept of global modernization of Collection storage system is being realized. After the inspection of the state of preservation of the items, the realization of the project consisting in introducing changes into suitcase storage scheme has begun.

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Modernisation of the storage areas for suitcases

Thanks to the financial support of the European Commission, renovation works in all suitcase warehouses were completed in 2013. They were equipped with the fire protection system safe for museum collections, new illumination as well as professional cabinets for their storage. They were performed according to the customized design from materials which are fire resistant as well as do not react with materials from which the suitcases are performed. 

In 2016, drawings and graphics warehouse was modernized. The works included the installation of a modern fire extinguishing system, safe illumination as well as new cabinets for the storage of items.

The next stage consisted in modernization works in those warehouse spaces where textiles are stored, including over 1800 items, among others tallits, prisoners’ clothes, badges with Jewish stars and camp numbers. The works finished in 2017. Different textiles were placed in storage cabinets performed according to the individual design. The works were financed by the Auschwitz-Birkenau Foundation.

Depending on financial possibilities, further works will in the years to come include the continuation of warehouse equipment modernization as well as performing specialist racks, cabinets and glass-cases which will guarantee continuous storage of items according to the latest standard and conservator’s guidelines.

One of the collections storerooms
One of the...