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Medical documentation

Description of documents relating mainly to the so-called camp hospitals (HKB - Häftlingskrankenbau).


The sick and those during the hospital treatment, even in the period of convalescence, were chosen during so-called selections to be murdered with phenol under the pretext of epidemic elimination, especially of typhus. (...)

The trudging procession of a few dozen people, wearing only shirts and clogs, covered, head included, with shreds of blankets, grimly drifted by between blocks 21 and 20. They entered block 20 through the side entrance. The grim corridor of the contagious diseases station was separated with a long curtain. There they waited for their turn in a row. Behind the curtain there was the treatment room, where they were brought in.

The small room no. 1 of block 20 was modestly equipped. There were two stools, a small table with flasks made of laboratory glass with pinkish liquid inside, 20 cm3 syringes, long puncture needles, rubber gloves and talc.  The windows of the room were half-painted white. (...) The sentenced to death were called one by one. The long waiting line in the dim corridor decreased steadily, while in the baths the pile of disjointedly thrown dead bodies rose. (...)

All the prisoners murdered with phenol got a false death certificates with a false medical diagnosis.

Stanisław Kłodziński (no. 20019)