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The lectures are conducted by historians from the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum Research Centre and are based on the most up-to-date scientific research. Lectures are conducted in Polish, English and German.

Duration of lectures: 1.5 h

Cost: PLN 545 in foreign language.

Visitor Services
Marta Ortman, Barbara Gębołyś-Warmbier, Katarzyna Bisaga
tel. (+48) 33 844 8096 lub (+48) 33 844 8101

Lectures cover the following thematic areas:

  • "Operation Reinhardt. The extermination of Jews in the General Government"
  • "The British in the POW camps around Oświęcim during World War II"
  • "Deportations and Extermination of Poles"
  • "Deportations from Auschwitz to Nazi euthanasia centres in Germany and the role of doctors in the process"
  • "The clergy in KL Auschwitz"
  • "Medical experiments in KL Auschwitz"
  • "The SS in KL Auschwitz" 
  • "The evacuation and liberation of KL Auschwitz"
  • "The origin of KL Auschwitz as a centre of extermination of the European Jews"
  • "Plundering of victims' property and use of corpses"
  • "Gas chambers: - Bunker I and II in the light of preserved camp documents"
  • "The fate of the Roma, Soviet POWs, Jehovah’s Witnesses, the clergy and prisoners of other nationalities in KL Auschwitz"
  • "The City of Oświęcim as a model of German settlement in the East"
  • "Neo-Nazism and the denial of the Oświęcim crime"
  • "The German occupation of Poland - political and racist assumptions of Nazi extermination policy"
  • "New Research threads on the History of KL Auschwitz"
  • "Camp Orchestras"
  • "The Paradigm of Auschwitz and the Holocaust as the historical context of XX century genocides"
  • "On both sides of the wire. Profiles of teachers - prisoners of KL Auschwitz and teachers who assisted camp prisoners"
  • "The origins of the extermination of Jews in KL Auschwitz in the light of documents"
  • "The creation and expansion of KL Auschwitz"
  • "The remains of KL Auschwitz Concentration Camp and commemoration of its victims through monuments, memorial plaques and other beyond the grounds of the Auschwitz Birkenau State Museum, in Oświęcim and the surrounding areas" (field activity)
  • "The remains of extermination facilities in KL Auschwitz according to archival documentation" 
  • "The resistance movement in KL Auschwitz"
  • "Soviet prisoners of war in KL Auschwitz"
  • "Following the footsteps of Father Maximilian in KL Auschwitz"
  • "The surrounding area of the camp and locations of the KL Auschwitz sub-camps: Harmęże, Budy, Jawiszowice. Międzybrodzie Bialskie as a holiday destination for the camp’s SS crew" (field activity)
  • "Escapes of prisoners from KL Auschwitz"
  • "Living conditions in the camp"
  • "Displacement of the Polish and Jewish population from Oświęcim and the neighbouring towns between 1940-1941"
  • "Liberation of the camp, organisation of aid for prisoners, establishment of the State Museum in Oświęcim (1945-1949)"
  • "The extermination of the European Roma"
  • "The extermination of the Hungarian Jews in KL Auschwitz"
  • "Employment of prisoners and forced labourers by the German concern IG Farbenindustrie in Oświęcim"