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Multibook - preparing for a visit to the Memorial Site


The preparatory interactive Multibook is a proposal of the International Center for Education about Auschwitz and the Holocaust (ICEAH) for young people who plan to visit the Auschwitz Memorial. It is available in two languages: English and Polish.


‘This multimedia tool is intended to help young people realize the significance of a visit to the former camp site, not only as a history lesson but also as a personal experience. The multibook comprehensively describes the mission of the Memorial and, through the message of Auschwitz survivor Marian Turski, presents the significance of remembrance for our moral attitude and contemporary accountability for the world around us,’ said Agnieszka Juskowiak-Sawicka, Head of E-learning at the ICEAH.  

The multibook also includes several short video materials, background information on the establishment of Auschwitz, a timeline of the most significant events in the history of this German Nazi concentration and extermination camp, and the voices of peers, students of the Leon Kruczkowski Secondary School in Tychy, who talk about the importance of visiting the Memorial from a personal perspective.

In the multibook, users will also find information on things to see during their visit and a few advice on how to conduct themselves during the tour.   

‘I encourage young people and teachers planning to visit the Memorial with their students to use the multibook. In the future, we plan to translate it into other languages and also compile the second part that will summarize the visit, and a separate, strictly historical multibook, which will provide an accessible way to learn about the most significant aspects of the functioning of the Auschwitz camp,’ added Agnieszka Juskowiak-Sawicka.

The use of the multibook is free and possible also on all mobile devices.