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Filming and Photographing


The shooting of films and photographic materials related to the history of Auschwitz and the memory of the victims on the Museum grounds for documentary movies and film materials shared on social media sites for commercial purposes requires the approval of the Museum.

The prerequisite for obtaining permission is the use of the materials produced exclusively in undertakings and projects that do not violate the good name of KL Auschwitz victims. 


Journalistic materials

Photographing and filming by journalists on the Museum grounds requires the consent of the Museum Press Office. E-mail contact:


Documentary films

The shooting of documentaries on the Museum grounds requires the consent of the Museum director and signing an agreement. Please read the


Feature films

The Museum does not grant permission for the production of feature films at the Memorial Site.  


Aerial filming (including drones)

The Museum grounds are located in the EPP20 no-fly zone. The Museum grants permission for aerial filming only in exceptional cases (e.g. TV footage or documentary films). Please refer to the full rules of the use of drones on the Museum premises


Filming and photographing for private purposes

Photographing and filming for private (non-commercial) purposes are permitted in the entire area open to the public excluding the Victims' hair room (block 4) and the basement of block 11.