Conservation of vegetation

Fragment of an orthophotomap of the Auschwitz II-Birkenau site
Fragment of an...
One of streets at the Auschwitz I site
One of streets at...

The basic goal in the conservation of vegetation is to rescue and display all the extant vestiges of the camp. Exceptionally salient aspects include maintaining the special arrangement of trees that was used to camouflage the mass killing facilities, in the form of green rows and groups of trees, and even woods.
The conservation of vegetation at the site involves work including

  • care for trees and bushes, including historically valuable trees
  • care for grassy areas
  • weed removal.

In total, the boundaries of the Museum include an area of 191 hectares  9724 m², of which 171 hectares 6146m² comprise the Birkenau site, and 20 hectares 3588m² the Auschwitz I site. The great extent of the grounds means that work is carried out by both Museum employees and outside companies.